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Woodworking Gifts for Yourself   ...   and Others!

Barking up the right tree...

Nancy Swinton has been creating her scroll sawn art for many years. Wood We? officially became a business in 1995 when she found her work unique enough to generate interest at craft shows.

Nancy stumbled into scrolling almost by accident.  Having grown up in a family that appreciated woodworking, she could naturally find the beauty in wood.  Nancy's father and grandfather both had continuous projects in their woodshops.  These included anything from the intricacy of caning chairs to large built-in bookcases or kitchen cabinets.

Family Roots

After marrying her husband, Gary, who is also an avid woodworker, she was very excited when he surprised her one day with a scroll saw.  She tried it out, fell in love with the technique of making an art that was pictures in wood, and promptly demanded a better saw!  Gary was only too happy to oblige, considering that some of their favorite times are the ones spent creating art in the shop.

Today, Nancy has the top floor of an oversized two-car garage while Gary has the bottom floor (his toys are heavier).  They always love to say, "A family that makes sawdust together, stays together."

Customize It!

Nancy has begun to make many of her own designs. Often, customers will make requests, so she digs into her creative side and comes up with something new and exciting.  Nancy would love to work with you and design something personal either for yourself or as a gift.  Please email Nancy with any questions, or you may visit her at one of her local art shows.